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Another date with Alexis




The other day I met this girl, her sharp sparkling eyes like the stars up above. Her hue dark and proportional matching her angelic face. Her lips so fresh, a simple hello and the way they move make you want to kiss her and never stop. Her body so sexy, the curves complementing her natural facial beauty. Her breasts so round, so full as her cleavage peeped from her sexy white dress. Her hair flowing from her head,swinging back and forth with each step she took, I swear I could hear the wind whisper with each swing. Her long legs so sexy as they move up her thighs. Her name Alexis Amore.



Alexis-Amore-sexy-lingerie(13) Ameri Ichinose

Alexis Amore, for months she has always wanted to see her best girlfriend Alexis Amore Ichinose besides her desk and she would always roll her pen in her mouth. In her mind she has always visional about the previous encounters. She is a type of girl who loves to explore her fantasy with other girls. Treasured in her memories are the good times spend with Ameri Ichinose in her car, toilets and everywhere.

But today is no other different day, as she is sat looking at her girlfriend, seated next to her desk making love with her legs wide open. Her brown boots and a purple skirt being the perfect match her and her partner find this adorable. Her imaginations seems to carry away her feeling and soon a set of events is about to happen.



Love on the first date




He had been asking her out for close to two months now. Alexis Amore couldn’t tell whether the guy was just too persistent or he just never gave up. She finally decided to accept his requests and they were to meet on a Friday night for the date, which was to take place at the town’s amusement park. Though she was never much of an out going person, she enjoyed the fact that she was going out where you could actually have fun even if your partner turned out to be boring.

The Moon Has A Name And She Does Too.

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The moon has a way of hanging low when the dark of the night lingers on your hips. She knew that. It’s why she always wanted to dance in the shadows. Turning the corner Barry saw her and recognized her form immediately. He didn’t know her name but he was going to find her. He had to. She was the it girl and Barry knew it.

The clink clack of her heals echoed across his heart as he followed her through the streets of the city. Barry struggled to keep up. Puffing and blowing, as she slips around the corner, his body bends over to catch his breath. Ever since his accident Barry had to take it easy. Both his knees were busted and the rush of energy flooding him couldn’t stop the pain. Determined not to lose her again, Barry lifts up knees and runs. His heart pumping as he begins the chase.

What was her name? Why did he care so much? He didn’t know her. She was just a figure he had seen in the night. But there she was again. Fate. It must be fate. And kissing her would be like magic. But who was she and how had she haunted his dreams every night since he saw her. His feet hit the pavement hard. He would not let her escape again. Never Again. He pushed his body harder and harder as she slipped again around the bend.


Dear diary..

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As we waited for the waiter to bring our bill, he asked whether he should call for a cab which I quickly declined. The few hours we had spent together turned out to be really great and I hoped to have more of his company as we walked back to my house where he had left his car. Once the bill was paid he was already on his feet and offered to help me put my coat on, which I gladly accepted. I had my back turned to him and once the coat was settled on my shoulders, he pulled in closer such that I could feel his warm breath over my neck. Maybe it was my imagination but this seemed to have lasted a while before he finally pulled my hair away from the inside of the coat and set it free on my shoulders.

I turned back to thank him before we could leave, but the look in his eyes stopped my lips midway. At that moment I instantly felt naked and not even my coat could stop the chill running on the arc of my back. His eyes had just stripped me off of every piece of clothing I had on. It was a look of deep-longing that was not too intimidating. Instead, that look in his eyes appeared to delicately caress every inch of my skin. After a couple of seconds he asked, “shall we?’’ He did this still with his eyes on me and with what sounded like a stutter I obliged to leave.

I made the first step towards the exit breaking contact with his eyes. He turned and followed me from behind but making sure he was still as close to me as possible. When almost at the door he caught up with one huge step and pulled the door open and this gave him the opportunity to place his arms on my waist. I almost quivered at his touch and at the same time tried my best to avoid his eyes.

Outside the wind was blowing hard and it seemed like it was about to rain. Sounding concerned he once again confirmed whether I was okay walking which I affirmed. After that a few minutes of awkward silence went by and he took the initiative to break it. He commented on my choice of the restaurant and again reminded me of how lovely I looked. He even added that I should be dressing like I was to the office once in a while and I just looked at him and smiled. He then stopped walking and I reflexively stopped too. He took hold of both my hands so that we now faced each other.

On to the next one




Her eyes opened wide as she rips her bra up over her head. “Did you see it Charles? It’s new and they just erected it!”, she asked. Charles doesn’t look as he grunts and slithers back into his skinny jeans. “Something they’re doing for summer, I guess.” She looks at Charles as he scratches himself and walks into the bathroom. He looks so boring theses day.

“Wait so what?,” She asks, “We aren’t having sex?”

Charles flushes the toilet and turns back to her. ” I thought you were watching them build a building? Besides we’re late for class.”


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